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60 Game Stock Up/Stock Down

Whatever this season brings, I'll be here for you. It may be hectic, but 60 games, 6 games, whatever....I AM ALL IN!! I recommend you scale down your investment level, this isn't going to be a season to be playing high stakes. You never know what Covid related announcement is coming tomorrow. We've already seen positive tests on Miguel Sano, Scott Kingery, Freddie Freeman and more. Truth be told, a win is still a win! Let's get those trophies and shame those who fall before us as we dominate through the mayhem! Let's dive in with a few players that I'm bullish or bearish on with the 60 game environment.


  • Tyler Glasnow News this weekend of ZERO limitations on this future ace. SP#21 off the board with an ADP of 66. If your sleeping on him it's now or never. Buy!!!

  • Dinelson Lamet Monster arm on an improved team. TJ surgery behind him, 73 innings and 105 strikeouts and now the shortened season will control his workload. At +2800 this is a great darkhorse Cy Young candidate. ADP!!!

  • Daniel Murphy My choice to win the batting title. If there is anyone who you aren't hearing about as a beneficiary of the universal DH, this is the guy. It was made for him! He's going to have a big year! (uhh, ok big two months) ADP of 259 is simply criminal.

  • Shed Long I've been the conductor of this hype train for months...hop aboard! This power/speed youngster will be given full time at bats, possibly in the leadoff spot. We LOVE guys at the top of the lineup with the chance for that 5th AB every game. Team is rebuilding, that lengthens the leash. ADP 463 is laughable.

  • Alex Verdugo Being traded for a superstar may put some pressure on a young kid, but not Verdugo. He has been given a clean bill of health and the workout tape looks great, including a batting session against Nate Eovaldi's 100 mph gas. ADP is only 230.

  • Ryan Braun No one cares about this guy. He is old and off the juice, so often ignored in drafts at ADP 250. The Rodney Dangerfield of fantasy baseball...NO RESPECT! 22 HR 11 SB .285 AVG and the safety net of the DH....SOLD

  • Miguel Cabrera More from Team Geriatric, Miggy showed up in the infamous "best shape of his life", looking like he avoided the Pablo Sandoval diet. His bat speed looks good and with an ADP all the way down at 412....I'll swipe right.


  • Zach Wheeler Phillies invested huge money for him to slot behind Aaron Nola, now it's sketchy whether or not he will even see the mound. With the expected birth of his child right around Opening Day, it is expected he will get a late start, if he shows up at all. In a sprint season we need to avoid risks....HARD PASS

  • Edwin Diaz A superstar in 2018, he came back to earth with my beloved Mets in 2019. Manager Luis Rojas keeps talking about the dreaded bullpen by committee. ADP of 116 is just to high and I just can't stomach watching him blow one more DeGrom win.

  • Luis Robert Might be on an island, but zero shares. Too much swing and miss on the breaking balls. I think we're looking at Pedro Cerrano, and with only 60 games we don't have time for Jobu to come around.

  • Corey Kluber There's a lot of innings on that arm and he is coming off an injury plagued season. On a bad team with a bad bullpen in a ballpark we haven't seen yet, I'm not diving in at an ADP of only 91.


Mike Trout He is America's darling, the face of the MLB. I've been saying for a month I think he misses time due to the birth of his first child in a few weeks, and the major national media outlets are starting to catch up with it..... but now I'm gonna go on a mountain here and say HE IS GOING TO OPT OUT OF 2020. At an ADP of barely 2, just cross him off. Way too much risk, pivot to Mookie Betts, and thank me when this news inevitably breaks.

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