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Reflecting on My Scott Fish Bowl Draft

For my very first article on the brand new Stack Attack Fantasy sports website, it is an honor to be able to write about the Scott Fish Bowl. The SFBX draft has come and gone as I have just made my final selection. For those of you reading this who aren’t familiar with the league or the unique scoring, the Scott Fish Bowl this year will have 1,440 participants with over 10,000 applicants. We in Stack Attack were very fortunate to snag a slot in our inaugural year and I took my draft preparation to the next level for weeks with mock drafts, printouts, and research.

This years format sees 11 starters and 11 bench players.


Qb passing touchdowns are 6 points, but the wild part is a completed pass is .5 points and an incomplete is -1 point. A sack is -1 points, and a INT is -4 points. An emphasis on TEs this year with the TE premium being in play was also a major factor as they get an additional .5 points per catch (on top of half PPR) and .5 additional per first down. For RBs and WRs, a first down is a .5 point. I was given the Power Wheels division drafting at the 1.02 slot. I went into this draft knowing I was selecting either CMC or Mahomes. After that is the wild card.

My division is full of tough competition, as you would expect from such an exclusive event, including some of the biggest names in the industry.

Mike Tagliere – FantasyPros @MikeTagliereNFL

Myself @NMimi

Eric Fly – @Clip_cast

Kevin Nale – Redshirts Fantasy Football @Klnale22

John Byrne – Fan @Byronchenko

Dan Rich – Fan @drichkid47

James Harris – Fan @Sugarfreemocha

Joe Massa – Fan @MoeJassa

Phillip Caldwell – The Conspiracy Collection @DumpsterdiveFF

Benjamin Shamel – Eatsleepfantasy @Benjamm1n

Michael Waldo – Fantistics @MichaelWaldo

Christian Lupica – Fan @Christianlupica

Give these guys a follow!

Here is how my squad came together.

Overall, I am very pleased the way the board fell to me. With this format, I wanted to land 2 top tier quarterbacks. With the RB run that was going on, I had to snag Ekeler at 2.11. Ekeler was the #5 overall back in PPR formats last year. On the swing I was not comfortable taking the likes of Leonard Fournette as my RB2 so I pivoted to Kyler Murray who I believe can take a huge leap this year (He went 1.06 in one division). Murray was not on my predraft radar, but in a superflex having two top five QB is such a great leverage against the field.

I was hoping for a Chris Carson or a James Conner in round 5, but Lupica had scooped them both up at the 3/4 turn . Darren Waller went 4.10 so I had to take Engram to secure a higher end TE at 4.11. This is the fifth team drafted this offseason by the Stack Attack Squad in the Tight End Premium format, and we've drawn a hard line in the sand at Engram to get our first TE on the board. On the swing I grabbed David Montgomery, who isn't exciting but offers a very safe floor. We expect a sophomore surge from Monty. My Zero WR attack (as @Jtrela20 talks about in his article) came to a halt as I doubled down with Tyler Lockett and Terry McLaurin. After that I grabbed old reliable James White and took my WR3, DeVante Parker. I agonized between Parker and Brandin Cooks at the 9.02 spot and ended up going Parker. DeVante Parker’s ADP in SFBX is 87 and we were able to get him at 98. I was lucky enough to have Cooks fall to me at 11.02 who, if healthy, can put up big numbers with Deshaun Watson. Cooks ADP in SFBX is 107 currently and we were able to snag him at 122. This is text book Zero WR theory....skipping the WR1 crop in the first five rounds, establishing my RB baseline and premium scoring positions, then nabbing FOUR receivers who will easily touch WR2 returns most weeks Getting a starting QB3 is another way to differentiate from the field in superflex formats. Every mock draft I had done had me just missing the last tier of guaranteed starters, and everyone knows I do A LOT of mock drafts. To my delight I was able to make my homer pick of Sam Darnold at 10.11, despite seeing him go in the 7th and 8th in most other divisions.

My later picks all are upside between Lindsay, Herndon, Hines, Lazard and Renfrow. Phillip Lindsay’s current ADP in SFBX is 130 and we got him at 143. Renfrow’s current ADP in SFBX is 182 and we got him at 194. I grabbed Nyheim Hines who I am hoping can be turned into Phillip Rivers' 2020 Darren Sproles or Austin Ekeler. Malcolm Brown, Carlos Hyde, and Bryce Love are all speculative picks who I am hoping can contribute later in the season.

My final pick is one of my personal favorites, and my vote for the week 1 waiver wire prize. Tyler Johnson. Tampa Bay got a steal round 5 for the slot WR. Tom Brady loves his slot WRs, just ask Wes Welker and Julian Edelman. At this moment, Tyler Johnson is all but favored to be the WR3 behind Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. I built up a lot of depth in this draft on top of starters. There are no trades in this league, only FAAB bidding which makes hitting in the draft that much more important. My favorite stat about this draft was my average wait time to pick, 4 minutes! Second place was Mike Tagliere at 18 minutes. Some divisions as I write this aren’t even halfway done. This group in power wheels has been fantastic!

Most importantly, the SFBX is about charity and community. As an upstart, it was humbling and exciting to be able to draft against the best of the best. Hopefully the countless hours of prep work we put into this yields the only acceptable result, a spot in the playoffs! I am honored to be able to compete in this league and cannot thank Scott Fish @ScottFish24 for all he does, from maintaining these leagues to all his charitable work with Fantasy Cares.

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