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Week 2 Rankings and Observations from Week 1

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

A few observations to week 1 before we turn the page to week 2.

Arizona's offensive line looked bad. Kyler Murray was running for his life all day, and he did it like a damn rock star. This guy has such a Russell Wilson quality about him, for me he is QB3 overall rest of the way and is completely matchup-proof. In fact, I think opponents with a better pass rush are a GOOD matchup for him because he is so good when he gets flushed out of the pocket . You drafted him to start him in season long regardless, but this kid is going to win someone a DFS GPP very soon if the sites don't adjust his pricing to where it should be.

The Chargers offense stinks. Austin Ekeler is an amazing buy low right now. They will be playing every game from behind and switching to Justin Herbert soon which means rookie check-down Charlie. Ekeler's 100 targets and incredible efficiency from last year are in no jeopardy.

The Raiders WR stable is going to be a fantasy headache. Carr was force feeding Darren Waller and Josh Jacobs was targetted or touched the ball on a whopping 31 of 62 offensive plays. Henry Ruggs needs to be used in a Tyreek Hill roll, and Bryan Edwards and Hunter Renfrow aren't going to be the consistent performers I expected, at least early on. This offense is the Jacobs show and Waller is the clear #2 option, everyone else is bench fodder for fantasy purposes.

There was alot of noise in the Twitterverse about Clyde Edwards-Helaire's "failures" in the red zone, converting on zero of his six attempts inside the 5-yard line. If you watch the game and not just the ball, he had no opportunity on any of the attempts, it was a sixfold failure by the offensive line. This will fix itself over time as the threat of Travis Kelce in the red zone and Pat Mahomes success on the run will cause CEH to see less super-stacked boxes in the red zone. Nothing to see here. Darrel Williams is not a wart, he's a small pimple to CEH. The kid is a star. He and Jonathan Taylor will be top 5 picks in your draft next year and stallwarts in my top 12 this year.

It pains me to say it as a Trevor Lawrence fan and Dolphins fan, but he will be taking his golden locks to East Rutherford next year. The Jets are abysmal, Adam Gase has to go....and you can't pass on this talent.

There is an obvious lack of preparedness by young/new coaches this year. Of the five new coaches, only Ron Rivera (the seasoned veteran) was able to get the job done in week 1. Meanwhile it was business as usual for the likes of Bill Belicheck, Mike Tomlin, Jon Harbaugh, Andy Reid, Pete Carroll, and Sean Payton. Despite the lack of a preseason and strange offseason landscape, the elite coaches had their team ready and the also-rans did not. This will continue for a few weeks, watch for slow adjustments. Whether its lineup decisions or bets, keep the head coach in mind for rest of September.

Tom Brady has lost on week 1 only four times in his career. The other three he won the Super Bowl. Ronald Jones looked DAMN good and Mike Evans should be healthy going forward. Tampa Bay is going to be just fine for fantasy, zero need to panic.

Here are my early rankings for week 2 for DFS and seasonal lineup decisions, based on matchup, opportunity, and fantasy goodness. Of course if you have start/sit questions you can always hit me on Twitter @Jtrela20 If you are looking for team defense, see @nmimi Waiver Wire article. Let's try not to be too over-reactive this week and take advantage of those who sleep on studs like Scary Terry , Keenan Allen, and TY Hilton who went ghost last week. As always, check back later in the week for updates and keep an eye on twitter. See you at the ticket window!!!


1 A. Kamara @LV No MT means heavy usage

2 C. McCaffrey @TB "Only" 112 total yards and 2 TD in 2 games against TB last year

3 E. Elliott vs ATL

4 D. Henry vs JAX

5 J. Jacobs @NO monster 50% usage rate

6 C. Edwards-Helaire @LAC

7 A. Ekeler vs KC blowout garbage time special

8 A. Jones vs DET

9 S. Barkley @CHC need to see SOMETHING from offensive line before I move him back up

10 J. Taylor vs MIN Coronation ceremony

11 D. Cook @IND

12 J. Mixon @CLE (Thurs) Gio Bernard might just be the lead pass catching back

13 R. Mostert @NYJ

14 K Hunt vs CIN (Thurs) was on field for 9 first downs vs. Chubb 7

15 C. Carson vs NE 2 REC TD carried a rather pedestrian effort last week

16 D. Johnson vs BAL

17 D. Montgomery vs NYG

18 N. Hines vs MIN will be game script dependent weekly. Rivers does pepper his RBs

19 K. Drake vs WAS

20 N. Chubb vs CIN(Thurs)

21 T. Gurley @DAL

22 M. Brown @PHI not sure if he stays in top 24 but he earns this spot 1 more time at least

23 M Gordon @PIT

24 J Conner DEN likely to play, but workload will be a concern

25 J Robinson @TEN

26 JK Dobbins @HOU

27 M. Sanders vs LAR show me something first, on my bench 1 more week

28 R. Jones vs CAR

29 Z. Moss @MIA

30 M. Ingram @HOU

31 D. Swift @GB Patricia has to go back to him for the confidence builder TD.

32 A. Gibson @AZ coach speak about expanding role, let's watch first.

33 D. Singletary @MIA

34 A. Peterson @GB

35 T. Cohen vs NYG

36 J. Kelley vs KC


1 D. Adams DET Here until he isn't

2 J. Jones @DAL

3 D. Hopkins WAS

4 A. Thielen @IND Porous defense=always in a shoot out

5 T. Hill @LAC

6 A. Robinson NYG It's a smash spot and he's pissed off.

7 J. Smith-Schuster DEN

8 C. Godwin CAR likely out with concussion

9 C. Ridley @DAL

10 C. Kupp @PHI

11 S. Diggs @MIA

12 K. Allen KC

13 R. Woods @PHI

14 T. Lockett NE

15 M. Evans CAR

16 T.Y. Hilton MIN The Vikings secondary is trash, I'd have TY top 10 if not for Rivers

17 T. McLaurin @AZ

18 J. Landry CIN(Thurs)

19 J. Edelman @SEA

20 W. Fuller BAL Watson was focused on him, going to be a shootout

21 AJ Brown JAX ruled out as of Friday.

22 O. Beckham CIN(Thurs) He'll always be a #2

23 C. Lamb ATL

24 M. Brown @HOU

25 M. Gallup ATL

26 D. Chark @TEN

27 J. Crowder SF ruled out on Friday

28 D. Metcalf NE

29 D. Slayton @CHI

30 AJ Green @CLE(Thurs)

31 M. Jones @GB assuming no Golladay

32 DJ. Moore @TB

33 E Sanders @LV I'm not going crazy and putting him top 12 like some are.

34 A. Lazard DET

35 P. Williams @BUF assuming no Parker

36 T. Boyd @CLE(Thurs)

37 H. Ruggs NO looks questionable at best to play

38 C. Sutton @PIT ditto

39 D. Johnson DEN Juju put up the stats, but Ben was confident in Dionte late

40 M. Williams KC umm, he looks healthy to me

41 P. Campbell MIN may skyrocket up this list

42 S. Miller CAR No Godwin, showed great chemistry with Brady

43 A. Miller NYG

44 T. Smith @LV no MT bump

45 J. Brown @MIA

46 J. Jeudy @PIT

47 L. Shenault @TEN

48 S. Watkins @LAC last week on this list


1 T. Kelce @LAC

2 M. Andrews @HOU

3 D. Waller NO Carr was LOCKED on him

4 E. Engram @CHI drops will be fixed

5 G. Kittle @NYJ ruled OUT on Friday

6 J Cook @LV he works the middle of the field. Big target boost w/ no MT

7 H Henry shootout

8 TJ Hockenson @GB move down if Golladay plays

9 D Goedert LAR

10 L Thomas @AZ Cards trash vs TE

11 Z Ertz LAR

12 N Fant @PIT top 12 every week for rest of career???

13 OJ Howard CAR might be the real winner with Godwin out

14 C. Herndon SF

15 T. Higbee @PHI big bump if Everett sits

16 J. Smith JAX should benefit some targets with no AJ Brown

17 H. Hurst ATL

18 J. Doyle MIN

19 M. Gesecki BUF

20 E. Ebron DEN TD dependent

21 R. Gronkowski CAR yawn

22 G. Olsen NE

23 A. Hooper CIN(Thurs)

24 D. Schultz ATL


1 P. Mahomes @LA top 3 will not change for me often

2 L. Jackson @HOU

3 K. Murray WAS

4 D. Prescott ATL

5 A. Rodgers @DET elite within the division.

6 J. Allen @MIA

7 M. Ryan @DAL

8 R. Wilson NE tough matchup, but always a top 12 for me

9 D. Watson BAL garbage time special

10 C. Newton SEA Daniels could do it with Tebow, so......

11 M. Stafford @GB

12 D. Brees @LV is he the same without MT???

13 J. Goff @PHI

14 D. Carr NO

15 C. Wentz LAR don't start him any time soon

16 B. Roethlisberger DEN less conservative this week

17 J. Burrow @CLE(Thurs) I didn't see the cigar smoking poise I'm used to

18 K. Cousins @IND

19 G. Minshew @TEN

20 R. Tannehill JAX

21 J. Garoppolo @NYJ

22 B. Mayfield CIN(Thurs) more commercials than TDs

23 P. Rivers MIN

24 T. Taylor KC

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