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Week 3 Rankings

The key to fantasy football is more adjustment than drafting. Week 2 was a blood bath for most of us, but those of us who avoided the injury bug still need to stay on our toes. There are more injuries to come. Poor conditioning and preperation in this Covid-19 environment that is 2020 will not stop at week 2. Last week I had to update this article 11 TIMES as injury news hit BEFORE games started and we lost a half a dozen superstars during the games. Keep on the waiver should be making a pickup almost every week, if not to improve your team but also to hurt your opponents'. Hundreds of Christian McCaffrey owners went on full blown tilt Wednesday morning when they missed out on Mike Davis. Many stories popped up on Twitter of savvy owners picking up Davis and then trading for McCaffrey with their depth.

I'm looking forward to seeing the Chargers offense take shape under Justin Herbert who looked quite good. I think we might be in a great buy low spot for Keenan Allen and Hunter Henry who are likely security blankets. Was very happy to see Miles Sanders look like a true bellcow first round pick. Stefon Diggs is WR1. There are 17 tight ends averaging double digit PPR points, and that is without George Kittle. Don't be afraid to flex a TE if your lineup is banged up. In DFS this is a super sneaky cost saving move. There are some real breakout candidates such as Mike Gesicki, Mo Alie-Cox, and Drew Sample. Noah Fant and Jonnu Smith seem poised to be weekly starts now. The position is not as thin as we thought two weeks ago.

Fantasy football is an ebb and flow, just keep grinding. I drafted 31 teams this year, and I had Aaron Jones ranked ahead of Josh Jacobs so I of course ended up with no shares of Jacobs. On Saturday, I felt stupid. By Tuesday, I felt genius. Situations like this change daily and will continue to seesaw. I will update this space as news from practice reports breaks hourly and always keep an eye and hit me up on Twitter @jtrela20.


1 E. Elliot @SEA

2 A. Kamara GB

3 M. Sanders CIN 100 yards and multiple TD likely this week

4 J. Taylor NYJ

5 A. Jones @ NO Stud looked ready to be #1 but has tough NO DEF this week

6 D. Henry@ MIN Dream matchup, likely to see 50% usage rate

7 A. Ekeler CAR

8 C. Carson DAL

9 J. Conner HOU

10 J. Jacobs @NE tough match up, minor hip injury, showed inconsistency last week

11 K. Drake DET

12 C. Edwards-Helaire @BAL BAL very stingy vs. RB, but the talent keeps him an RB1

13 D. Cook TEN

14 J. Mixon @PHI Don't quit on Mixon. Still getting 20+ touch workload

15 J. Robinson MIA

16 L. Fournette @DEN Rojo is a thing of the past. Likely an RB1 ROS after this difficult matchup

17 M. Gordon TB

18 K Hunt WAS good luck figuring this out week to week

19 N. Chubb WAS

20 D. Henderson @BUF Showed up last week and only healthy rb in practice. Looks like his job for a while.

21 D. Montgomery @ATL

22 M. Gaskin @JAX Role increased yet again. That won't change on a short week.

23 J. Kelley CAR

24 M. Davis @LAC You didn't get "next CMC" on waivers. You got Mike Davis

25 D. Johnson @PIT

26 J. McKinnon @NYG expect Jeff Wilson involved or would be much higher in great matchup

27 T. Gurley CHI we're done here

28 A. Gibson @CLE tripped himself out of a long TD last week. It is coming

29 T. Cohen @ATL pass catching RB vs ATL is a thing

30 M. Ingram KC

31 D. Swift @AZ highest total on board, I'll take the pass catcher for some garbage time production

32 JK Dobbins KC

33 D. Singletary LAR Moss looks ready to take over but can't stay healthy

34 D. Lewis SF please tell me you read @nmimi's waiver article and have no piece of this backfield

35 N. Hines NYJ well that was different than week 1

36 S. Michel LV


1 D. Hopkins DET

2 A. Cooper @SEA Seattle stops no one right now

3 J. Jones CHI

4 C. Godwin @DEN

5 D. Adams @NO Hamstrings are scary, even if he goes the chance of a mid game flare up is real

6 C. Ridley CHI

7 T. Lockett DAL shootout special

8 T. McLaurin @CLE averaging 19.8 PPR PPG but everyone is ignoring him now

9 M. Evans @DEN

10 S. Diggs LAR We are all suckers for skipping him on draft day

11 A. Robinson @ATL Let down in smash spot last week, let's do it again

12 C. Kupp @BUF

13 T. Hill @BAL

14 D. Moore @LAC

15 J. Smith-Schuster @HOU Great matchup, too many mouths to feed

16 K Allen CAR Please Herbert, Please Herbert

17 K. Golladay @AZ Welcome back! total on game is 55

18 DK Metcalf DAL

19 R. Woods @BUF Looks to be the true alpha IN LAR, this is a matchup based drop

20 D. Johnson HOU

21 A Thielen @TEN

22 J. Edelman LV

23 T. Boyd @PHI Eagles secondary stinks. Good opportunity for Burrow to connect here

24 C. Lamb @SEA

25 D. Parker @JAX

26 R. Anderson @LAC Looks like he is option 1 in Matt Rhule's offense

27 M. Brown KC I was way off last week, probably will be most weeks

28 D. Slayton SF

29 R. Gage CHI

30 C. Davis MIN last time in this well. Sell high at 5pm Sunday

31 DJ Chark MIA

32 AJ Green @PHI

33 O. Beckham WAS painful

34 T. Smith GB In your WR3/Flex lineup

35 M. Williams CAR

36 G Tate SF

37 J. Brown LAR

38 L. Fitzgerald DET No Kirk. Volume will be low still but comfortable floor

39 TY Hilton NYJ

40 M. Gallup @SEA disappeared.

41 J. Landry WAS

42 N. Harry LV Perfect catch radius target for Cam

43 K. Cole MIA

44 M. Jones @AZ DET has to score for total to get to 55

45 W. Fuller @PIT

46 P. Williams @JAX

47 B. Cooks PIT Looked good last week but tough matchup

48 A. Lazard @NO Bump up big if D. Adams doesn't go


1 T. Kelce @BAL

2 D. Waller @NE

3 M. Andrews KC

4 M. Gesicki @JAX monster 11 target/8 catch game out of slot last week

5 N. Fant @DEN

6 J. Smith @MIN Vikings can't defend anyone. I'm treating Jonnu as a WR2 this week

7 H. Henry CAR

8 Z. Ertz CIN

9 E. Engram SF He should basically be the running game for NYG. What a mess

10 T. Higbee @BUF BUF not great against TE but my gut says Kupp wins the middle of the field this week

11 H. Hurst CHI

12 J. Cook GB

13 J. Reed @NYG looked great for a 70 year old, another incredible spot against familiar foe

14 D. Goedert CIN

15 L. Thomas @CLE disappointed against the 31st team against TE last week, let's see against 32nd

16 M. Allie-Cox NYJ saved many lineups last week....will again

17 D. Sample @PHI heavily targeted last week after Ozumah injury. Burrow lives in middle of the field

18 D. Schultz@SEA

19 TJ Hockenson @AZ is AZ suddenly o tough matchup for TE???

20 E. Ebron HOU

21 OJ Howard @DEN

22 C. Herndon @IND major disappointment and IND has given up NOTHING to the TE

23 J. Graham @ATL

24 J. Akins @PIT


1 K. Murray DET Higher overall ceiling than Jackson??

2 L. Jackson KC

3 P. Mahomes @BAL Tough matchup drops my #1 weekly to his low point of 3

4 R. Wilson DAL

5 D. Prescott @SEA

6 C. Newton LV looks outstanding in the pocket. Comp % of 71% so far

7 M. Ryan CHI so many weapons and the defense will force him to throw every week

8 J. Allen LAR

9 A. Rodgers @NO will take a big hit if Adams isn't well, but A Jones is a massive weapon

10 R. Tannehill @MIN amazing matchup but missing weapons. Will have his normal uber-efficient 2 TD game

11 G. Minshew MIA

12 M. Stafford @AZ

13 J. Burrow @PHI broke out last week...takes over ROY race this week

14 B. Roethlisberger HOU

15 D. Watson @PIT if not for the rushing floor would be a sit this week

16 T. Brady @DEN

17 J. Herbert CAR Big game could Wally Pipp Tyrod. Imagine losing your job because your boss' assistant stabbed you in the lung?

18 C. Wentz CIN

19 M. Trubisky @ATL Dream matchup, nightmare QB

20 D. Brees GB

21 P. Rivers NYJ 8.1 yards per attempt is good. Conservative approach working for this offense

22 T. Bridgewater @LAC

23 D. Jones SF rushing upside keeps him in the QB2 fold

24 B. Mayfield WAS Cardinals had the stones to move on quickly from Rosen mistake, and their guy is #1 on this list. Do the Jets and Browns have it in them with Fields and Lawrence on the board?

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